The Number 1 Best Seller

In 11 Countries across 77 Categories

From the team that brought you the multi-country bestseller Transforming Your Life, we bring you a follow-up book that takes our commitment to transform people’s lives to new heights.

We all have times where we need support and guidance because life has a way of kicking us down, and then leaving us there. If you need transformational change in your life, this book can give you all the tools that you need, and bring you into the sphere of support that can help lift you up.

Being a Bestselling Author is a big triumph and our book is already called “the new Go-To Book for Life Transformation in 2020”. We did hit a Bestseller Status in 11 countries and over 77 categories . The stories showing the strength of the human spirit will inspire and motivate you to make the necessary changes on your tranformational journey so you can jump-start your life in 2021.

What a great endeavor in a life´s hero’s journey to honestly share how we authors could defy the odds, turn pain into purpose, awake, and transform!

With all the Covid-19 restrictions on how we could meet with family and friends, you may want to calm your soul, breathe hope, and read gifting yourself , friends and loved ones.

The free download on Amazon is only available in launch week, but you can download the Bestseller right here for free: